The Minimalist Chic Movement

Minimalist chic

I don’t know about you but I keep coming back to the styles I love and although it changes I always settle on the same things. I go through phases of loving and hating colours, mixing and matching or classic styles. One that I keep coming back to is minimalist chic.

What do I mean by minimalist chic? I mean a limited colour palette where everything co-ordinates and I think this is really important when it comes to sustainable fashion.

The minimal colour palette

The colour palette is simple with 5 main colour ways which can be mixed beautifully with denim. The idea is to build a wardrobe with key pieces in this colour so they can be co-ordinated indefinitely.

Then you build your wardrobe with paired down key pieces that you love to wear. The only issue is that involves discipline! I love the idea of having fewer but higher end pieces and the cost per wear is definitely less than buying fast fashion that gets worn a few times and taken to the charity shop.

I love quality items that make me feel special every time I wear them. My best investments have always been leather footwear. Tell me in the comments, what’s your best investment piece? Check out my Pinterest board for some inspiration.

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Hi I'm Alex. I'm a Photographer and Scandiphile passionate about interiors & minimal style. Based near Oxford I'm pursuing a more simple and pleasurable lifestyle. Sighthound owner, outdoor adventurer and chocoholic.

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