Ruffwear Web Master Harness Review

Ruffwear webmaster harness

When you have a dog who is a cross breed, it’s safe to say you never know how big they are going to get so buying harnesses can be a tricky business. Our pup is bigger than an Italian Greyhound but maybe a little smaller than a Whippet so even breed specific items sometimes don’t fit.

I came across Ruffwear as a brand when we first got Paintbrush. I love their ethos of being outside and adventuring with your dog and as such they make a great range of performance gear. I did try a different Ruffwear harness when Paintbrush was much smaller but he grew out of it within a couple of weeks and the fit wasn’t great.

Sighthounds have deep chests and tiny waists so getting things to fit properly can be tricky. I saw another whippet on Instagram with this harness so got in touch to ask what they thought of it. They said it fitted like a glove so I decided to invest and try one.

It’s really important to measure the widest part of your dog correctly in order to buy the correct size. Also you need to think about whether you’ll be putting any clothing on under the harness so give yourself a little extra space if you’re between two sizes.

Web Master Harness by Ruffwear

I chose the Blue Dusk colour as I thought it would go nice with his coat which it does. The harness has a padded chest and belly panel which is really important on a dog with little body fat. It also doesn’t seem to rub behind the front legs which is really good. The straps are adjustable and while I can get the middle one just perfect I can’t get the back or the front as tight as I would like. Saying that the harness fits well and he is secure in it. It moves slightly from side to side when pulled by the lead but nothing major.

I like that the lead fixing pint is at the top and not at the chest area as it gives more control and the harness also has a little handle so if you’re climbing and your dog needs help up a rock or a ledge you can pull them up without hurting them or your back!

Paintbrush has a good range of movement in it, he can run quite happily, it doesn’t get too hot and he obviously finds it comfortable because he’s happy to go walking in it. Overall I’m really pleased with the harness, it’s secure, sturdy and good quality. It also has reflective piping on some areas for the darker months. If I could get the front and back straps a little tighter I’d give it five out of five.

Ruffwear Web Master harness

Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness

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