How getting a dog changed our life

Animals are truly special. They have the power to care and the power to heal. They are so instinctive and can pick up on how you are feeling without having to explain. Here are five ways getting a dog has changed our family life for the better.

1 He helped me with my grief

When we got Paintbrush it was right at the start of lockdown and I had just lost my Mum. He was the perfect diversion, a cuddly companion who was always there and he needed as much caring as a newborn baby so I had very little time to allow my mind to wander to other places. He helped me through a really tough time, which is something I’ll always appreciate.

2 He helped me to start exercising regularly

I’m a regular couch potato, in fact I’d rather do pretty much anything than exercise! Now I have to go out twice a day for a walk and I love being in the fresh air and enjoying nature with him. In fact some of my happiest times this summer have been out in the countryside walking as a family with him.

3 He’s improved our mental health

See above, the regular exercise out in the fresh air has improved my mental health but I also find I’m less likely to dwell on stuff because I have something else to concentrate on. I was also suffering quite badly with anxiety to do with work and it has eased a lot simply from having him around. My son’s mental health has also improved from having him around.

4 He’s helped my business to change direction

I made a life changing decision about the direction of my business which was partly based on having him. I used to photograph weddings which was super stressful and he helped me decide to stop doing that and focus on something I really love which is photographing animals.

5 He’s completed our family

Having only one child can be a lonely affair for him sometimes so it’s lovely that he has a companion that he can play with and also take a little bit of responsibility for. Paintbrush has truly completed our family and we can’t imagine life without him now.

Have you got a dog in your life that’s helped you? Let me know in the comments below.


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