Euston to Edinburgh on the new Caledonian Sleeper

When you have a transport mad son and you’re thinking of things to do in the school holidays then keep this adventure in mind. We’ve been thinking about doing this trip for a while so when I was looking at something exciting to do for half term this sprung to mind so I decided to book Euston to Edinburgh on the Caledonian Sleeper.

The service has been completely overhauled and all the new trains are due to be in service by June 2019. We were lucky enough to get on one of the new trains.

Bear in mind that this service is a sleeper and doesn’t leave Euston until 23.50 so if you have really young kids this might not be the trip for you. We arrived at Euston in plenty time and were able to board the train at just before 11pm. There are two check in lines on the platform and it’s not obvious until you get to the front of the queue that one is for Edinburgh and one is for Glasgow and beyond.

This is because the train splits at Carstairs with the front of the train carrying on North while the rear four carriages go to Edinburgh with their own Class 92 engine (I am reliably informed by Xander :)).

Caledonian Sleeper Edinburgh Waverley
Lounge car on the Caledonian Sleeper

Accommodation on the Caledonian Sleeper

There are different types of accommodation on the sleeper from reclining seats to rooms with beds or berths as they are known. I had booked a classic room with double bunk but was informed at check-in that the room they had reserved for us only had one bed so they upgraded us to a Caledonian Double. All of the rooms are en-suite with a sink and toilet/shower room.

The room was basic but beautiful with tartan tweed lining and matching carpet. We were provided with complimentary toiletries, water and towels and a double bed which was super comfy, a gorgeous snuggly duvet and two sets of pillows. It was warm, clean and completely delightful. The rooms lock with a keycard much the same as a hotel.

Caledonian Sleeper Double

After we boarded we wanted to take advantage of the facilities despite the time (hey it’s half term!) so we went to the lounge car to get a drink and a snack. They have a concise but tasty menu.

After sitting in the lounge car for a little while, and enjoying the atmosphere, we decided to go to bed. The berths also have USB charging facilities and shelves for your phone/tablet.

It was very bizarre putting our pyjamas on and getting ready for bed whilst hurtling along at 80mph but after a quick wash and teeth clean we jumped into bed. It was comfortable, warm and quiet and we kept our window blind half open just out of curiosity more than anything though I don’t know what we thought we’d see when we were asleep!

Breakfast is included and you can choose something from the hanger left on your bed which you need to hang out no later than half an hour after departure or you can choose to go to the lounge car. I knew we’d both be tired so we opted for room service – a bacon bap and a pot of tea. This was delivered at twenty past six so you do need to be awake. The breakfast was delicious and our tray was collected about half an hour later.

Arrival at Edinburgh Waverley on the Caledonian Sleeper

We arrived in Edinburgh at 7.30am and had to be off the train by 7.45am. It is an early start so you need to be up and ready to depart. All in all we had a fantastic trip. The staff were amazing and the whole experience was brilliant. We’re already planning our next trip, perhaps up to Aberdeenshire so we can have a bit of a lie in!

Class 92 Caledonian Sleeper at Waverley station.


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