Decorating our porch for Autumn

I really love October, it’s one of my favourite months and at the end of it comes Halloween which we look forward to all year round. This year I thought it would be really nice to decorate the porch in keeping with the season and add a little cheerful colour.

Fall porch decor

We don’t have a huge porch but it’s large enough for a boot rack and to store some wood. We also have a step so I thought it would be fun to embrace the season, do some Autumn porch decor and get some inspiration from our US counterparts where ‘decorating for fall‘ is a huge thing.

Autumn porch decor

As soon as I saw pumpkins in the shops I started to buy some. I like to have a mixture of colours and am always drawn to the more unusual ones. The local florists usually have a great selection of gourds too and I notice this year that Waitrose have also started doing them.

Marks and Spencer had a great selection of ghost pumpkins (the white ones). Then when we went to the Cotswolds I found a really cute tray of assorted gourds in the local greengrocer which I had to buy. We also went pumpkin picking at Millets Farm so brought home a few more. If you leave them outside in the cold they have quite a long life.

Pumpkins, gourds and wild berries decorate our porch

After doing a bit of research online I saw that the Americans love to plant chrysanthemums on their porches and fortunately they are seasonal here at this time of year too. I popped off down to our local garden centre and found some. I wanted warm colours so looked at the yellow and white varieties but eventually settled on orange ones. I bought these cute planters that look like barrels to plant them in and then bought a few winter pansies in orange to complement them.

Chrysanthemums for Autumn decor

Other bits
Our porch is always home to sticks, pinecones and other treasure that we find out on our walks. We also did some conker collecting earlier in the month so we have a lot of conkers in there too! We collected a few wild berries including rosehips and some leaves just to add a bit more colour. We also have a wooden wreath which I think we got from the garden centre which stays on top of the boot rack all year round and sometimes we stick leaves and feathers in it.

Stick wreath in our porch
Autumn porch decor
Pumpkins and flowers

Do you do any special decorating for the Autumn or do you wait until Halloween? Leave me a comment.

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