Contemporary Bathroom Transformation

Our lovely new family bathroom with bath and shower

If there’s two rooms in a house that really can make a statement I’d say that it’s the kitchen and bathroom(s). When we moved in to our new build house, our bathrooms were basic to say the least.

We didn’t get to pick the tiles or the fittings, only the floor tiles and they were driven by the fact that we were already at the top end of our budget in buying the house in the first place. It was either those or move in and do them later or get them done before we moved in. We chose the latter and I suppose at least the house felt finished.

Ugly, tiny pedestal sink in the corner and wall with peeling paint
Those floor tiles!

I’d tiled our previous bathroom floors in our old house with no experience and although it looked ok, it was a bit of a put up job. The paint on the walls was so thin that it wore down to the plaster board every time we tucked a towel on the radiator and the sink just seemed to be one they had left over from a downstairs cloakroom. Hardly big enough to wash my face in.

So five years in and we decided to do a bathroom transformation along with the en suite shower room. If we were going to hire a skip, we might as well do them both one straight after the other.

Our new vanity unit, under a mirror so I can see myself

We had an idea of what we wanted and also wanted to make them both very similar so we had the same tiles, sink and floor tiles in both. We were very much set on subway tiles (I think our poor tiler was seeing double at the end of it all!) and knew we wanted grey vanity units.

We chose our fixtures from (now in administration). Our tiles came from Topps Tiles. We decided on a darker colour grout to make it a little different (the thought of white tiles and white grout, yuk)

A new build house is never a simple affair. There are all sorts of problems presented by stud walls. The original shower in our en suite had been boxed in because it was a standard size. The first job was to find out what was behind the boxing and what better way to do that than to drill a big hole!

Fortunately there was nothing there other than an empty space which meant we could get rid of it and get a lovely full width shower which was more flush to the ground. The next issue was how high could we get the shower head, because my husband is 6ft 7″ and couldn’t be crouching in the shower every day. The combination of a lower shower tray and a raised shower head was enough to get just the right amount of clearance.

en-suite transformation
New en-suite with full width shower

Getting the taps on the wall was also a challenge. Originally we wanted a minimal look with the controls boxed behind the tiles. Because a stud wall basically gives very little room for recess, we couldn’t do this and had to change the taps we originally chose. Fortunately our plumber was amazing and had foreseen all of this.

bathroom transformation

Finally we finished the look with new LED mirrors and chrome towel rails. The project took six weeks from start to finish and we are so pleased with the results.

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