Christmas Wreath Making with The Flower Fairies

The Tythe Barn, Launton

Let’s face it, no one has really had anything to look forward to recently so when I saw these Christmas wreath making classes advertised on Muddy Stiletto’s blog, I immediately decided to book a place.

I’ve done wreath making once before and it was really good fun. There were a few workshops to choose from, all priced differently but this one appealed to me the most for a number of reasons – The Tythe Barn is only about 30 minutes from where I live and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve worked there many times as a wedding photographer so I knew the atmosphere would be really special. I have also known Charlie from The Flower Fairies for a few years so I knew she would do a fantastic workshop and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was also all very carefully prepared with social distancing and sanitisation and we had to wear our masks throughout. On arrival we were greeted with a glass of mulled wine before having a demonstration from Charlie. She had very kindly pre-mossed the frames which is usually the messiest part, as you’ll know, if you’ve done it yourself.

We were presented with a beautiful selection of blue pine, fir and lots of decorative foliage including wax flowers and blue thistle. We had a choice of what we wanted to use before the workshop including the colour of ribbon we wanted. And then we could just get creative. This is the nicest part as I usually just get lost in the process. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it and everyone’s creations are all so different. Whilst we got creative we were presented with a beautiful tray of festive goodies and the mulled wine was topped up.

My vision was to go for something quite raw and wild with minimal colours, I love to let the greenery do the talking. I chose blue thistle and orange slices, along with a grey ribbon to match our front door. I was so pleased with the finished result. I had already planned to do a floral garland round our porch this year and so I spent a day creating that with the same foliage to finish the look.

The workshop was £70 which I though was great considering it included all food, drink and materials. Can’t wait to book next year’s!

christmas wreath making at the tythe barn launton
wreath making with the flower fairies
wreath making Tythe Works
My wreath
seasonal foliage
my door garland

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