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pre-loved fashion
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With all that’s currently hitting headlines about our environment, sustainability is more than just a buzz word. How can the fashion world which thrives on selling the latest trends season after season balance profitability with sustainability?

It’s a subject which many other business sectors are facing too. With this in mind I’ve recently got into buying some pre-loved fashion items. More especially beautiful designer pieces which have had very little use and still look classic. I particularly love leather handbags and shoes and even some items of clothing. One thing that does put me off buying pre-loved clothes is that smell of someone else’s washing powder or perfume when they arrive. I try and choose things which I know I can wash and ‘make my own’.

Some outlets for pre-loved items are more expensive than others. Often you can find the same item across multiple sites all priced differently so shop around. One thing to be careful of is to make sure you are buying authentic pieces. Some sites such as Vestiaire Collective will do authenticity checks before accepting the item for sale. Also beware of where the item is being sold from, China and Turkey produce a lot of fake goods.

My top tips on purchasing pre-loved clothing and accessories

  • If you are buying clothes check photographs closely for staining and see if the item can be washed.
  • Try to stick to classic pieces and colours to ensure you get your wear out of what you purchase
  • If you are buying designer make sure the authenticity has been verified
  • See what the returns policy is before you purchase, for example if you buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit, can you get your money back?
  • If you go for an item which is less on trend, you’re likely to get more of a bargain

My top sites for pre-loved fashion
Vestiaire Collective – high end luxury goods
Rebelle – designer clothing
Ebay – anything and everything
Depop – occasional fabulous find!

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