Becoming a Boden Partner

Boden Ambassador

Back in November I received a message on Instagram from a company called Zyper asking me if I’d like to work with the clothing brand Boden as an ambassador. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before and in all honesty I thought it was a wind up. After all my Instagram only boasted a modest amount of followers, certainly not in the thousands as I assumed you had to have in order to work with a brand.

So I decided to message back, after all nothing lost except maybe a bit of pride if it did turn out to be a wind up. Anyway it turned out to be true. Boden had selected a number of people on Instagram who they wanted to work with and I was one of them, result!!

I’d always admired Boden as a brand and owned a few pieces by them but mostly I flicked through their catalogues looking at the bright and colourful clothes thinking they were a bit out of my price range. I have to say that since working with them my thoughts have completely changed. After ordering the first pieces in November I realised what good quality the clothes were, and how the range went from classic pieces to more colourful quirky clothes. I was hooked.

Whereas previously I’d probably spend thirty quid on a bit of throwaway fashion from ASOS I realised that by incorporating some key pieces into my wardrobe that were excellent quality and hard wearing it made more sense not only for the environment but also for my purse. Pieces that I could enjoy wearing time and time again, not just wear them a couple of times and send to the charity shop.

Boden Spring Collection 2019

I also noticed that some of the colours remain the same through different collections so you can build up a wardrobe that mixes and matches perfectly. In all honesty I’m converted. My choice of clothing suddenly seems much more sophisticated and really matches my personality and I always get compliments when I’m wearing a Boden piece simply because it’s so different from anything that you buy on the high street (though their collection is now available in store at John Lewis). They also have some fantastic offers on throughout the year. If you’d like to check out the latest Boden collection with a discount you can follow this link.


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