A new family member

I’ve wanted a dog ever since I was about 12 years old. I was never allowed a big pet when I was younger because it was such a tie and I don’t think either of my parents grew up with animals.

As soon as I got my own home I got a house rabbit and then a cat to keep me company. Lovely bunny only lasted a few years but Rhubarb moved house with me when I met my husband and we got another cat called Crumble. Sadly Rhubarb passed away a couple of years ago and I started looking again at getting a dog.

It seemed like the right time, I work from home most of the time, Xander is a little bit older now and we thought it would be a great companion for him too. Both my husband and my son have asthma so it was important to choose a breed that wouldn’t cause them an allergic reaction. My husband had a picture of his Dad with the family Greyhound when he was small.

I had been researching Italian Greyhounds and then found this little guy who was a cross with some Whippet in him. As soon as we saw him we fell in love and as soon as he was 8 weeks old we went to collect him.

He’s been an absolute Godsend during this period of lockdown, feely giving cuddles and keeping us entertained and we feel so lucky to have found him. Introducing Paintbrush!

About A Little Wilderness

Hi I'm Alex. I'm a Photographer, Scandiphile and lover of the Great British Countryside. I'm passionate about interiors & style. Based near Oxford I'm trying to pursue a more simple and pleasurable lifestyle. Sighthound owner, outdoor adventurer and chocoholic.

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